Friday, October 30, 2009

Obama Takes Back Healthcare

President Obama is at an effort to bringing national healthcare to the American people, but to do this he will need the help of some of the largest and healthiest states out there, starting with Minnesota. Obama recently stopped to talk and try and sway Minnesota to come along on the ride for national healthcare. With intentions of running the presidency with honor, Obama stated that it was no use to pass a bill that will fail, the national healthcare system will not.

Like Mr.Schwegel said in his article, I would be unsure if the national healthcare plan would advance America yet alone Minnesota in providing proficient ways of healthcare. The amount of money it would cost would be astronomical and some people may not even be able to afford the premiums. Though not everyone may have healthcare, not everyone may want healthcare. It is the same way that I feel about car insurance, someone should not be forced to have something at such high risks. If you are going to make someone pay for something they do not want, it should be at an agreed level. I think the United States in some ways is trying to become too government based. This healthcare bill makes me nervous. It makes me question, what is next? Will Obama want to start regulating every city and town and every person in it? America is the land of the free, but what about the people?

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