Monday, October 26, 2009

DEA personnel among 14 dead in Afghan copter crashes

In two freakish accidents early this morning, 14 people were instantly killed. It is believed that the first accident took place around midafternoon when 7 U.S. Soldiers and 3 U.S. Citizens(members of the DEA) were heading to West Afganastan. It is here that they were involved in an alleged drug raid, no further information was given on the raid. On the way back though, the helicopter that was transporting the 10 raiders while it underwent multiple complications( also uknown at this time). All ten victims were pronounced dead earlier this afternoon. In the other accident, two helicopter collided in middle Afganastan, killing 4 of their passengers. The extent of this accident is still uknown as well. This is the first time in U.S History that 3 helicopters went down in Afganastan in one day and the first time as well that over 10 people were killed in this country, in one day.

I think freakish accidents happen all the time in everyday life. We cannot control them nor know when they take place. This was one where it happened when the people had just got done doing a dangerous drug bust. This just makes me think that the things that you sometimes worry about before combat that will happen during combat are not neccesarrily the right things to worry about. Who would have thought that someone just gets done with probably the most dangerous mission in their whole life and it turns out that they died on the plane or helicopter ride home. If you are too careful in life it could end up being the wrong time to be careful. Enjoy something if you know that you do not have a chance to relive this moment, even if you are not going into combat. You could still have a loved one around you that is or in any other case there could be a moment that you share with someone that you take for granted. You should not do this. Live every moment like it is your last, because the people around you could be taken away from this Earth just as easy or if not easier than you can as well.

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