Monday, December 14, 2009

Boosting the Minimum

In late 2007 many voters supported the Democrat's plea to raise minimum wage from $5.12 per hour to $7.25 per hour since the minimum wage had not been raised in over ten years. This would increase the earned income for full-time workers, people on food stamps, and people who receive EITC. President Bush included this in his Iraqi war funding bill, but there is contraversy over whether it is affective or not. Supporters of the bill say that the increase of money being taken home will better the economy, with more money being spend nationally. Also, it will better the lives of the poverty, such as single parents and those who are disabled. They do agree though that more tax cuts should not have been added to the bill because with more tax cuts, it will removed needed revenue from government coffers. People against the minimum wage increase say that it is a poor way to touch the need of the poverty because a large percentage of the people that receive this increase are teenagers, not people in poverty. They say that making businesses pay more will make them more prone to going out of business due to increased costs of paying for their business. They finally think their should be an increase in the EITC that the poverty receive.
I think the Democrat's inititives and efforts to pass the minimum wage increase is right in every way. I have an idea for the nonsupporters. When they say that the increase is not worth it because most of the money is seen only by the eyes of the teenagers who are not in poverty or in diar need of money. I think as a teenager we are having to pay for more and more stuff independently. Due to the economy, the price of everything is skyrocketing and we need to become aware at a younger age to prepare ourselves to the reality of America. That you cannot let your parents pay for you your whole life. This wage increase is much needed. President Bush said, "So I support pairing it with targeted tax and regulatory relief to help these small businesses stay competitive and to help keep our economy growing." I agree with Bush's plan. Increasing the minimum wage while providing tax cuts to small businesses will create an even mark for the scare of businesses not being able to support the growth of money that they have to pay their employees. So the people may lose a few hours a pay check to get a higher pay. You have to lose some to gain some.
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