Monday, December 14, 2009

Keep ugliness out of immigration debate

Ruben Navarrette Jr recently overheard a radio host on the radio debating the issue of immigration. In this debate, the radio host made clear that his views are against illegal and legal immigrants. He thinks that illegal immigrants should be focused on for the time being. To keep them from getting into the country to stop the flow of disruption and filthiness to "Our America." Then legal immigrants must go as well the host went on to say. The legal immigrants are the ones who wreck our demographics, culture and the English language. Navarrette is a reporter who wrote an article in San Diago-Union Tribune against this radio host and confronted his slander and racist comments.

I think immigration is a serious issue these days. People are trying to escape poverty and come to the land of the dreams and freedom. Though we have strict residency issues in America that does not stop illegal immigrants from coming into the country. Am I against this process, yes. Do I think the radio host was right about what he said, no. Instead of ranting about facts that the illegal immigrants are doing to America he boldly goes and comments on the immigrants changing who America is in a bad way. You do not do that. You cannot judge someone by the way they speak or the color or shade of their skin. When you do that , it is rather fascist and hypocrative I would say. I could not live with judging everyone based on the color of their skin. I think Navarre's efforts to confront the host is right. He should use the freedom of speech that he was given to stand up for what he believes.

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