Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Giant iceberg heading towards Australia

This morning around noon a gigantic iceberg was spotted heading towards the coastlines of Australia. This iceberg is a familar one, being tracked since 2006 by the Australian Antartic Division. This iceberg is believed to be 54 square miles long. The scientists of Australia named it B17B, they believe it is about 1,700 km close to the coastline, but due to the water temperature heating up, they think it will melt before even coming closer to the shore. This iceberg was washed off another iceberg. Global Warming is believed to have played no effect in this event.

The cool thing that went through my mind when I first read about this article was the fact that if something like Global Warming actually existed, what if the whole world like became a big winter wonderland and became covered in snow and ice like the supposed ice age? We would all be doomed. Something like this is kind of a scary thing because how serious do you take it? Yes, it is a very big issue, but do you really worry about the whole world or one continent being overtaken by one glacier? It could be and it could not be. I think that Americans need to put more faith into scripture than that of science. When you think about it people always comment on how faith is hard to follow because it is hard to tell when you have faith. Well if you are faithful then you do not have to question your faith. Whereas in the defintion of science, it is an estimated guess. I think that is what they are doing with new things like this glacier. They are guessing that it will be super harmful as to ending the world.

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