Sunday, January 10, 2010

British journalist killed in Afghanistan

A British journalist was killed Saturday in Afganastan when the vehicle he was in was struck by an IED. Rupert Harner,39, was amongst another journalist and five marines that accompanied the Ministry of Defense on a patrol to Nawa, a place in Southern Afganastan. Their vehicle was struck by an IED leaving Harner dead and injuring a fellow reporter and five marines. This was believed to not be a planned attack and just a tragic accident. Harner left behind his wife and three young children.

I think this is very sad to see. When you read reports about people getting killed in Afganastan the first thought in your head is not if the reporter that is reporting about it will be the one to die a few months later in another accident. As a fellow journalist in the coming feature, it scares me a little to think that I could be like that journalist in another country. Risking it all for a story or a chance to be in some action. That is the type of thing you have to ask yourself as a reporter. Do you want to be a reporter who does reports about the passive stuff or do you want to get on with the nit and grit and be dangerous? Then comes the family. With the war in Iraq over and Afganastan beginning,will the children of this reporter ever understand why their father died? I think at first they will not understand but then become aware of the facts of life. They will have a hate for war and military but then come to terms that their father was actually doing something he loved.

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