Sunday, January 10, 2010

30 injured in Hong Kong acid attack

In Hong Kong Saturday, people at a shopping center on Temple stree were victim of an acid attack. In the past few years around Hong Kong, there has been many records of people being attacked by acid bombs. This act of crime is described as someone standing on top of a building around where many people are, they then throw a bottle full of corrosive acid down onto the street and it spread leaving many people injured. The police responded right away finding a man hiding on a near roof top with two bottle caps that had traces of acid on them. He is believed to be involved in this crime and may also be involved in acid attacks of the past.

I find this act of crime rather akward. In the sense that what are the people trying to gain out of hurting someone with acid? Is this some kind of sick group of people that are bored or trying to fight some system or for some activie right that is not happening for them in Hong Kong. Imagine being a person down on the street while looking up and seeing a random bottle come beating down on you. Just the fear of the acid would scare me. If I survived through it, it may affect me to the point where I would want to look up everytime I went outside for the next few months.

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