Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Poll: Blacks optimistic about future

In a recent poll taken, blacks nation wide commented that for the most part that in the year 2009, blacks rights and racism against the race have improved at a drastic rate. 39% of the poll agree with this, which is amazing compared to the 2007 poll where only 20% of voters agreed with this quote. Many citizens and government officials agree that this is in big part that the President of the United States was voted into office and he as well is African American.

It is always kind of weary to try and find accurracy in public polls, especially about a topic such as racism. When you think about it, can something like racism be measured and prevented by a poll? Racism is apart of some people, if they are taught to only get along with a certain kind of people of course they can change this, but that doesn't mean we can just erase racism off the end of the Earth. People are imperfect. Some of us may like to think we are perfectm, but we are not and when we try to fight a cause it may be well known and become a part of the Earth, but it does not stay in the people. People grow old and new ones come, the new comers were not around when these people implemented these ideas so how will they know and fully understand them. Racism like gay marriage, politics and stealing is something that we cannot rid the Earth of, but it is something that we can not live by if we infact have a problem with it.

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